Journey is, in many ways, the story of a scarf. Or at least, the scarf represents the breadth and depth of the story Journey has to offer. It lists your avatar's story and encounters; it follows you from scorching desert sands to frozen snowbound wastelands. It flutters in the breeze behind you as you fly, or takes hits for you if you don't shelter quickly enough from a stone beast.

Recreating the Journey scarf by hand is one challenge. Making it fifteen feet long is another. One dedicated crafter has done just that. And she takes custom orders.


It's hard, in this triple-digit heat wave, to imagine wearing a scarf at all. Ever. But someday, the air will turn chilly again. And maybe when the time comes once again to trudge uphill in a blizzard both ways, this scarf will be just the ticket.

Extra Long Journey Videogame Scarf [Etsy]