Japan's Neon Opera Tokyo describes itself as connected to Tokyo via sci-fi, manga, anime, and romance novels. Oh, and underwear.

This batch of made-in-Japan skimpies is part of Neon Opera Tokyo's "manga girls" line and features, well, manga girls.

Neon Opera Tokyo's threads are not cheap: a manga girls kimono gown will run you over $600, while a bra costs close to $170.

Here's how the underwear maker describes the line:

The manga apartment in a remote corner of Akihabara is a three storey building facing south with tiny rooms and shared bathroom and toilet.
The apartment is only for cute girls.
In room 201 there lives an underground idol Miharu, in 202 a part-time maid at a maid cafe named Arisa, in 303 an aspiring romance novel writer Noe, in 305 a singer in a girl band Kyoko, in 301 a secretary at a library Ruka, in 302 a voice actor Yumi, and in 203 and 205 respectively a hero couple Ruru and Chika, in 101 a widow manager Ayano.
One day Ayano says to me.
"Won't live in 102 as a bodyguard in this restive time?"
The rent is dead cheap, and the tenants are all girls, what a wonderful Akiba life!
I became the only male tenant in Manga apartment.
Without knowing this was the starting point of being popular among girls which is the most annoying time of life.

And you just thought this was expensive underwear with manga images on it. Ha!

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