We live in an era where "collector's edition" usually means "$100 box of crap full of busted action figures, tiny art books and DLC". So it's nice to see upcoming RPG Ni No Kuni go and actually make something worthwhile for collectors.

The game's "Wizard's Edition", selling for USD$100, only contains three things. Well, aside from the game. One is a plush Drippy, the lantern-nosed character who serves as your sidekick in the game. The second is some DLC companions. Whatever.

The third, however, is the beautiful 300-page, hardcover spell book that some Japanese owners got hold of, that serves as both game guide and art book.

It's exquisite, exactly the kind of thing fans of the game (and of Studio Ghibli, the animation giants who helped out with the game's visuals) would be hoping for.

The American version will be out January 22, while it's out in Europe on January 25 (click "expand" on the image up top to see it in detail).