At the recent Decade of Final Fantasy XI Vana★Fest 2012, Square Enix and gamers celebrated ten years of FFXI. Ten years! That's quite a milestone and definitely worthy of celebration. This meal, however, isn't.

The above lunch box cost ¥4,000 (US$50), which is shocking to people in pricey Japan. The meal looks like something you could get at a convenience store for under a thousand yen ($13), if that. No wonder people online in Japan are calling this a rip-off.

If you show up at events, be prepared to open your wallet. If you show up at Final Fantasy XI events, bring your credit card or a treasure chest of Gil.

おせち問題再来か?FF11のイベントで出された料理が酷いとネットで話題に [秒刊SUNDAY]