Last year, Kotaku profiled the male and female photographers behind Doorknob Girl, a collection of photos featuring young women licking doorknobs. The NSFW photos, which are now available in book forum, sexualize an object that most view as innocuous: the doorknob. But this wasn't a first.

Over a decade ago, an underground manga artist named Kon Dom (昆童虫, with "Dom" being his surname) drew a short manga called Keyhole (鍵穴 or "kagiana") about a doorknob that comes to life. Written by a guy who uses the pen name "Kon Dom" (geddit?), you can quickly surmise that the manga ventures into adults only territory.

Perhaps in large part due to Doorknob Girl's success, a Japanese adult movie company remade Kon Dom's manga into a live-action film, which stars Kokomi Naruse and is out later this month.

Keyhole was not a mainstream manga by any means, and Kon Dom is not a well-known manga artist. But this recent doorknob fetish means that he's once again working on Keyhole, retitled as I'm a Doorknob (あたし、ドアノブ), and happy about the upcoming live-action version.

"It's been over ten years since I first released this manga," Kon Dom blogged, "and there to be people who notice it this year, I am truly grateful."


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