In defiance of the sudden onslaught of flashing lights comes Girl's Generation's latest single, "Paparazzi." The nine-woman supergroup from South Korea, known for their charming personalities and perfect legs (and covered plenty in the past here at Kotaku), released music videos for the song today. Paparrazi is the lead single for the girl's upcoming Japanese album, and totally beats their last big single, "The Boys," out of the water.

There are two versions of the video: the one above is the longer one, included for the fantastic moment about two minutes in. Those outfits, man! A great revelation indeed.

Those of you that lack patience and just want to see the girls dance, this is the video for you.

The song, the video: amazing, yes—but my favorite thing about new releases are the bevy of gifs the fan community strips from the videos. Here's a few from my friend, Toshi—though we're bound to see even better ones in the coming weeks.

Here are some video highlights: