Sega earned itself quite the reputation during the 1990s for its bold advertising, especially in the European market. Sometimes, though, the company went a little too far.

Like these British ads from 1992. Which had dick jokes, masturbation jokes, pissing, enormous breasts and, well, pictures of a guy either rubbing his junk on the back of a Game Gear or...look, let's just move on.

For readers outside the UK, know that these appeared in Viz, a publication that can best be described as Mad Magazine for horny, clinically unfunny teenagers.

Which explains the angle. I guess. Actually, you know what, it doesn't. There's no angle in which hairy dude's balls sticking out of a pair of budgie smugglers, all in the name of a Game Gear + Sonic bundle, are OK.


SEGA'S BIZARRE EARLY 1990S VIZ ADVERTS [UK:R, thanks for the reminder, Blake! We miss you, Zorg]