As the current generation of consoles get older and older, we're seeing PC games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 and even Max Payne 3 already start to look decidedly next-gen.

At least, they do if you've got a decent rig. If you don't, then your games won't look as good as they do in official screenshots. They may sometimes even look as bad as these.

This wonderful NeoGAF thread is collecting screenshots of PC games running on the lowest settings possible. That means the lowest resolution, the lowest sliders, options, the works.

If you wanted to know what Battlefield 3 would have looked like on the Wii, well, this is your chance.

Of interest is that, at the link below, you'll actually find a few games, like Crysis 2, Metro and Mass Effect, that don't look that bad!

PC Low Settings Screenshot Thread [NeoGAF]