Maybe you've seen the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, the upcoming Disney movie about a video game villain who doesn't want to be bad anymore. That clip's got bad guys like Street Fighter's Zangief and Bowser from the Super Mario games opening their hearts in a support group. Those villains earned their bad reputations by body-slamming players in actual games. However, the Fix-It Felix games—the fictional franchise where Ralph's hero-hating happened—weren't playable until this month.

At this year's E3, Disney presented an artfully aged stand-up cabinet where the Donkey Kong-style Fix-It Felix supposedly entertained thousands. As you can see the pictures I took of that machine, it's a nice homage to the art styles used in the coin-op era.

The game that Disney devs have made to recreate the Felix/Ralph rivalry keeps the winking retro spirit alive, too. You can take a quick look Fix-It Felix on an iPad in the video above, which makes it seems like Felix and Mario may belong to the same union. There's nods aplenty to Donkey Kong and a few other classic titles in the touchscreen offering. There's also a Flash version here. Wreck-It Ralph isn't in theaters until November so hopefully Disney has a few more Felix games in the works to show just how nasty Ralph was made out to be.