Swedish designer Daniel Åberg has, just for kicks, taken a crack at designing not just the logo for Sony's next - and still unrevealed - home console. He's also designed its packaging, game art, menu screen and even a system boot-up sequence.

While it's as far from official as you can get, you should still check it out, because I think it looks fabulous.

Åberg took the name Octave from the fact we're approaching the eighth generation of consoles, and that he believes that, like with the Vita, Sony will be reluctant to place a number after the next PlayStation's name.

He's also ditched use of the word "Sony" on it, which these days might not be the worst idea in the world.

I'm not the greatest fan of "Octave", it's a little corny (plus, would Sony really care about generations it had no part in?), but I love the logo, packaging and especially the colour scheme, which ditches boring blacks, whites and greys for something a little closer to the fiery shades the original PlayStation logo was sporting (the retro theme continues with the boot-up sequence, which sounds reminiscent of the PS2's first seconds).


You can see his full range of ideas below. To see more of Daniel's work, head to his personal site.