This awesome version of Mario was done by José Emroca Flores. You can buy his prints here if you're as in love with them as I am. This week's best image is brought to you by the help of Svalt Gamized.

Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

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The Best Comment From The Community

This week's best comment comes to you from halfrobo, for an appreciative comment. Here's a snippet:

You reflected on ways — even small, seemingly insignificant ways — we sometimes deal with trauma and powerlessness by becoming part of what has subjugated us, part of what we hate. Maybe there's no avoiding that, and maybe there's truth once you come out the other side and write an article like this. Thank you, and I hope it was as good or better piece to write as it was to read.

Two other comments were of note to the community. The second comes from Paradox me, who wins by reasons of hilarity:

Their phony Gundam has become self aware!

The third nomination sees more hilarity, in reference to a pair of Diablo socks:

Do I have to be online to wear them?

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