They met through online games, the five of them. From there they allegedly hatched a plan. A plan to make money. A plan to sell drugs.

Japanese police arrested a group of five male and female cohorts for selling drugs over the country's most popular online bulletin board 2ch.


Three of those arrested lived outside of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, while the remaining two resided in Osaka.

Online in Japan, the group allegedly sold "ice cream" or "shaved ice" (Japanese drug lingo) and apparently offered customers samples for those who wanted to try before buying.

According to reports, the group used the procedes from their online stimulant sales to cover their daily expenses and support a habit of their own: playing online games.


Recently, 2ch has come under fire for drug dealers using the bulletin board as a way to sell illegal drugs online.

ネトゲ仲間、「2ちゃんねる」で覚醒剤販売 [Yomiuri]

(Top photo: Sinisa Botas | Shutterstock)