After these photos appeared on a Chinese website, a young man was smitten. A young man apparently with lots and lots of money. Because that's exactly what he's offering to find out more about her.

Online, the individual offered 200,000 to whomever can find this young lady. If he does not pay up, he said he expects to be prosecuted under law.


The girl in the photos appears to have the same "pure" qualities that the Southern Raised Girl, who previously captured hearts, also has. In the photos, the young girl puts on her boots, fishes for clams, and then extracts a pearl.

It's unclear if the individual is offering 200,000 yuan, which is roughly US$31,000.


There's also suspicion that the whole thing is a publicity stunt for this young lady, not to mention the whole thing being on the creepy rich guy side.

20万求人肉采珠女,一片真心望各位共鉴(图) [TTmop via Rocket News JP via Rocket News EN]