Okay. Oh-kay. Let's put aside the fact that the Far Cry 3 gameplay we've seen thus far has more in common with Uncharted than it does with the misunderstood-by-many, beloved-by-me Far Cry 2.

Let's overlook the fact that the protagonist's name is "Jason Brody." Even though there is a "bro" right there in his frickin name… no. Sigh. No. We are moving forward. Serenity now.

Because I have to say, after watching the videos in the run-up to E3, it seems clear that while Far Cry 3 won't be much like Far Cry 2, it sure does look like a pretty kickass video game. (And yes, I acknowledge that there are many out there who would say that the less Far Cry 3 is like Far Cry 2, the better.) Here is Ubisoft's latest teaser. I do believe I see a flamethrower? And a tiger. Okay, cool. I can get with this tiger thing.

I'll be Kotaku's designated Far Cry 3 checker-outer next week at E3, so I will report from the show with detailed impressions.