Nintendo does a lot of things very well when it comes to software. Like, you know, games. Its console menus, though, could do with some work.

So Cassio Leonardo thought he'd take a swing at designing his dream Wii U interface, blending what Nintendo is doing now with what he'd like to see them doing in the future.

It's...nice. Nicer than what they've currently got on the Wii. But am I the only person who thinks Sony's XMB should be the standard other companies are looking at? It's survived for six years for a reason; the thing is faster and easier to use than anything else, particularly Microsoft's current trainwreck on the Xbox 360. Nintendo's grid system, as it currently uses, starts to fall down a little once your menu grows to 3-4 pages long...

Nintendo Wii U Mockup User Interface [DeviantArt, via Tiny Cartridge]