I know what you're thinking. Don't we get enough My Little Pony images in our comment section on a daily basis? No, especially not enough video game parody covers from a guy that remembers the PlayStation classic Evil Zone (Evil Pone).

Commenter Raso719 tipped us off to these imaginative video game covers, lovingly crafted by Deviant Art's nickyv917 as found on Equestria Daily. Pony puns about, from the rather brilliant Stable II and Mares of War to the slightly stretched, such as Marevel Vs. Coltcom.

I can't help but imagine nickyv917 and I would get along, were he a real boy; his taste in games is excellent. Skies of Equestria? Come on, that's glorious right there.

Hit up the link below to see Nicky's massive gallery of Pony-covers in its entirety.

My Little Ponified Video Game Covers by Nickyv917 [Deviant Art via Equestria Daily]