There's no denying that the error-filled launch of Diablo III has been something of a debacle. But has it really harmed PC gaming?

Indie game designer Jeff Vogel worries that it may have, sharing the above thought on his personal blog.

When the highest-profile PC release of the year has a a launch this problem-filled, it certainly doesn't help the platform's image. Then again, console releases can certainly be buggy too, particularly multiplayer-heavy console games. But then again again, those games don't lock you out of the their single-player content if the company's servers are down.

I will offer this oversimplified and deliberately incendiary anecdote: While I waited and waited for Diablo III to start working after Blizzard's servers failed again last night, I fired up Max Payne 3 and played to my heart's content. And my Xbox wasn't even online.


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