Final Fantasy XIII-2 has debuted quite a few bits of DLC since its early-year release. They've added Sazh, Lightning, N7 armor, an octopus homage, and more, to say nothing of the various alternate costumes.

Now, though, Square Enix has announced that they will finally finish with Final Fantasy XIII-2 after one last burst of content. Today they've released two last episodes to round out the story. The first is "Snow's Story: Perpetual Battlefield," which adds Snow to the Coliseum. After completing his story, Snow will become an available party member.


"Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess" promises to flesh out events from the main game, adding to the story and its ending. Lightning has special abilities that she'll apparently need, as according to Square Enix, "Requiem of the Goddess" will put "the arduous battle between Lightning and Caius not shown in the main game" front and center. The "Requiem of the Goddess" DLC takes place after the main events of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Both DLC episodes, plus a white mage outfit for Serah, a black mage outfit for Noel, and a set of new outfits for Mog, will be available this week on XBox Live and PSN. The costumes all run 240 MSP (XBox) or $2.99 (PSN); "Snow's Story" is 320 MSP or $3.99 on PSN, and "Lightning's Story" goes for 400 MSP or $4.99.