What is there to say about Dreadline, really? It's an in-development indie game from Eerie Canal Entertainment, which consists of folks who worked on Freedom Force and BioShock. It features time-travel and stars The Mummy, a cube named "Cube-rick" (ha),The Wolfman, and a ghost, all of whom are traveling through time, "visiting calamities to kill The Dude."

Whatever that means.

(Okay, someone has pointed out that the narrator is probably saying "The Doomed." That makes more sense, but it's not as fun as imagining that the big bad in this game is a guy in a bathrobe who likes white Russians and bowling.)

I don't know. I just know that I watched this trailer and now, I want to play this game. Particularly after the closing line: "Dreadline: Where time is running out… for those who have run out of time."

Eerie Canal Entertainment [Official page via Rock, Paper Shotgun]