The Sworcery A/V Jam was a chance for artists to pay a little tribute to one of the coolest games around, Sword & Sworcery. The developers of the game asked for submissions from fans, and submissions is what they got. They got a ton of them.

There weren't really any rules on what could be sent in. It could be a painting, cosplay, animation, remixes, even tribute games.

You can see some of the submissions below (they had to be in by tonight), but for the whole shebang please head to the jam's official collection, linked just above them, where you'll find artist info, detail shots and waaaaaaaaaaay more stuff than you probably thought you were going to see.

(the three artists up top are by Capy's Slyve, Vic Nguyen & artist Ken Wong, while the Mario piece was done by Bryan Martin)

In case you haven't played it, yes, the game is totally deserving of something like this. We all love it. Well, nearly all of us. Owen's a tough man to please.

Sworcery A/V Jam [Sworcery]