Last summer, the sacchrine ditty "Bubble Pop" tore up the Korean internet. The video went viral and it stuck in everybody's brains—more so in some people's.

Korean superstar Kim Hyun-a of pop group 4Minute (and formerly of Wonder Girls) released "Bubble Pop" on her first mini album. The video was supposed to be a radical departure for Hyun-a, who stylized her name as "HyunA" for the album.

The video, which reveals in sexuality, sure made an impression on Chinese girl group Beach Girls, because they sure seem to have copied the crap out of it for their "No No No" video.

Watch the videos in the above gallery to compare. I recommend starting with HyunA's original version. Kwinky-dinks abound, but using a helicopter instead of a Hummer makes the Beach Girls vid original, right? No, no, no.

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