This year, like every year, the Japanese arm of underwear maker Triumph showed off its latest concept bra.

The concept bras are always stunts. They're not intended for sale—even though, some in the Western media mistakenly think they are.


The bras are always themed, and usually relevant to current news or trends. This year's concept bra is the "Super Cool Bra" (above, via BoingBoing and Reuters).

With Japan shutting now its nuclear reactors and this summer looking to be hot, it's fitting.

Above, two models show off the concept lingerie, which contains a gel material that is designed to cool the body. One model holds a miniature fan, while the other holds a "hishaku" (柄杓) or a ladle. These are the traditional ways of keeping cool in Japan during the dog days of summer. The hishaku is used to sprinkle water on the street and ground, which actually lowers the temperature.


Also, their bras have "fuurin" (風鈴) or "wind chimes", which symbolize summer in Japan.

Triumph holds contests for young fashion designers to enter, ensuring that the inventive underwear continues.

Have a look at some of Triumph's concept bras from year's past. Each of them reflects what was happening in Japan at that time, whether it is solar energy, women marrying later, or the newly re-instated jury system.

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(Photos: Reuters/AP/Getty)