Kotaku reader "Michael" was taking a look through the pre-owned section of his local EB Games (read: GameStop) in Australia when he started noticing things weren't quite right.

Lara Croft had a marble dong. Old Snake had become a vet. Hulk Hogan had started attending Hogwarts. So he started looking through the section and found a ton of games with similar chop-jobs applied to their box art.

Now, this could be the work of a serial trader, or even a sneaky member of the public, but this many cases, chopped and shopped so lovingly, with real pictures, glue and everything? It's got to be the store itself. Maybe even "Michael", since some of these photos were taken behind the register.

UPDATE - Looks like "Michael" and some friends were indeed former employees, with the pictures taken around 2009 from their store in the state of South Australia. Which lessens the mystery, perhaps, but not the comedy.

There's some highlights above, but for the full gallery head below.

The Mystery Of EB's Hilarious Hijacked Video Game Covers [Kotaku AU]