It doesn't matter how good the rest of this week's Gaming App of the Day apps were, we should have just dropped the mic and called it when Monday featured a hunting game that lets players target specific organs.

If I had been paying closer attention, I would have had Ashcraft save Deer Hunter Reloaded for Friday, to give great titles like Windowsill and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy a fighting chance. Perhaps once the bullets run out and the world is finished shooting tasty virtual animals these two hidden gems will get their due.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

In This Deer Hunter Game, You Don't Play Russian Roulette. You Shoot Deer!

I've never been deer hunting. The words alone don't even evoke images of wearing orange vests and shooting animals, but rather, images of Christopher Walken playing Russian roulette. Oh yes, there is deer hunting in that movie, but I don't really remember it. Does anyone? More »

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is Like Having a Little Ace Combat in Your Pants

We've mentioned Namco Bandai's Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy briefly during the launch of the new iPad, but we never got around to featuring it as a Gaming App of the Day. I don't know about everyone else, but for me this was because I was too busy playing Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. More »

The Wonderful Windosill Turns Your iPad Into A Mysterious Toybox

As we fumble our way through action and strategy games on our touch-screen devices, it's easy to lose track of the simple, sublime joys of touch. We get so caught up in rules and mechanics, learning unit strategies in Amoebattle or finagling bullet-time in Max Payne Mobile that we forget that the joy to be found in the simple act of touching the screen, of manipulating a game as if it were beneath our very fingers. More »

You Had Me At ‘Shooting Astronauts With Cheeseburgers'

My favorite mobile games are those that pull me in so quickly that a week passes by before I notice I'm spending every idle moment with my iPad gripped in my hands playing the damn thing. Games like Draw Something and Scramble With Friends have been my mobile game drugs for the past few weeks. More »

Word Off Makes Spelling Into A Territorial Death Match

Word Off is, well, a face-off... with words. It's an asynchronous Scrabble-scored Boggle fight, played on a strategy game's grid and covered in a Roy Lichtenstein touch. More »