This week's beautiful image comes from one Noah Bradley, who submitted this Magic: The Gathering photoshop painting to Reddit recently.

It's an awesome rendition of the Kjeldoran Outpost. Bradley does awesome work, and offers his other prints for sale, if you're interested. You can follow his work over on his Facebook page or Twitter, too.


Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

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The Best Comment From The Community

This week's winner is squibsforsquids, who invents a new first-person...kind of shooter after Kotaku heard wind of a Black Ops sequel on the way. His nominator was so impressed, he linked to several other deserving comments.

Holding out for Call of Duty: Post-Apocalyptia with real stick-on-stone action, a stunning flattened wasteland lovingly rendered in full 1080p, dynamic player-killing environments interacting through a 60 fps frame rate, and fully customizable loin cloths. Paint your favorite stone red to throw faster, or sharpen your stick into a blunt point to drag your victims home for torture and cannibalism in expansive 24-on-24 player warfare. The blackened sky's the limit!

Seriously, though: another Blops? The campaign wasn't the worst thing I've ever played, but the protagonist was utterly forgettable and seemed to outlive his narrative purpose once the game ended. I'm not sure if Treyarch really had any options when it comes to this game, since I assume Activision has a fairly tight leash on them, but Blops was pretty uninspiring in terms of the story.

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