Lisa Yoshiki sure is busy. When not cosplaying as virtual idol Hatsune Miku in glossy magazines, she's appearing on stage in the recent Persona theatrical play. And when she's not doing that? She's doing other things, like appearing at Japanese baseball games.

Yoshiki, who grew up wanted to be a manga artist, recently threw out the first pitch for the Chiba Lotte Marines. She showed up on opening day in dangerously short shorts.

Besides the usually smattering of photo books and "image" DVDs, the 24 year-old pin-up model has also released her own pop tunes. As mentioned above, she took the stage last month as part of Visualive Persona, playing the role of Yukiko Amagi.

And this month, she kicked off the baseball season and successfully threw out the first pitch. Take a bow, Lisa! No, wait. Better not.

吉木りさ"悩殺始球式"暴投も「成功です」 [2ch]

(Top photo: JSports)