This weekend, the 2012 Anime Contents Expo kicked off in Chiba, Japan. Sister site Kotaku Japan was in attendance to check out the cosplayers, the itasha, the Neon Genesis Evangelion smartphone, and the enormous Maken-Ki! boob pad.

The Anime Contents Expo was originally created after anime creators joined forces to protest strict anime and manga legislation in Tokyo that dubbed some work "harmful" to those under 18 years old. At its core, the event is Japan's anime and manga industries standing up for themselves.


The event was going to be held in 2011, but was postponed due to the tragic Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and was held over the weekend. Japan hasn't completely recovered from the earthquake, but events like this are showing things normalize.

Check out more pics of the Anime Contents Expo at Kotaku Japan.

イベントといえば巨大フィギュア!, 職員にとってはマストアイテム?, ナンデモはさめる!, 天使のミクさんとか阿良々木火憐ちゃん, エナジードレインされたい, こんな生徒会長ありかよ!?, まどか☆マギカとか戦場ヶ原ひたぎと [Kotaku Japan]