In Japan, there are tons of maid cafes for nerds to patron and gaze at young women in maid outfits. But what about females who aren't interested in looking at other ladies? Or dudes who don't like girls? Where are they supposed to go?

MiracleJumP in Tokyo's geek district Akihabara is a "boys love" cafe that carters to fujoshi, or "rotten girl" geeks who love boys love manga and anime—as well as "rotten boys" who are into boys love.

The cafe offers cute rice omelets, original cocktails, and various "games" like "BL Pocky". For ¥1,000 (US$12), two dudes will munch on the same Pocky snack.


MiracleJumP opened in 2010, and it currently has ten fellas on staff. The best part? They're 3D! So they don't exist only in the pages of your favorite Boys Love comic—or your favorite dirty movie. More details (and directions) in the link below.

MiracleJumP [Official Site via アキバ総研]