It's Adventure Time! My favorite show! And Skyrim! Put together! Ok, I've taken a breath.

This week's spectacular image comes from deviantArt user radiostarkiller. I found his fantastic work on Reddit. I'm not sure the 3DS game that's in the works will be as awesome, but a girl can dream, right? Right? Guys...?

This image is likely better for your mobile wallpaper than your desktop wallpaper, so be sure to check out the full version in all its glory over here.

As usual, first up in our Best of round-up is a comment from the community. Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the nominations! Be sure to look for my nomination posts on Fridays to get involved.

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The Best Comment From The Community

invadingduck contemplates the perfect way for the world to end.

With some kind of joke, movie reference, or meme. I'd die a happy death.

"What do the aliens want?"
"They said...'All your base are belong to us.'"
*Laser blows up Earth*

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