Abduction! World Attack is not new. It's not complicated. And it's not super HD.

But it is silly, fun, cute, and addictive, which makes a great combination.

In Abduction! World Attack, you are a cow. You are a bouncy, leaping cow and you need to rescue your cow brethren from the UFO that has abducted them. Sheep brethren, too, and a few more species here and there.

It's a vertical platformer that relies entirely on tilt: tilt the phone left to go left, tilt right to go right. The screen wraps around, arcade-game-style, meaning sometimes you jump right to land left. The tilt response is just sensitive enough, neither flinging your cow around with every tiny twitch nor failing to respond when you want the little critter to move.

The rescue and the item collection (in the form of little gifts) get more challenging as you play through the levels, but never more complex. A number of challenge modes (time, score, farmyard animals rescued, etc) exist for the more achievement-minded bouncing bovines among us.

Abduction! World Attack [Google Play (Android Market)]