Dan Houser must really, really like In Cold Blood. According to The New York Observer, one of the minds behind the best-selling Grand Theft Auto just dropped a mob-boss-worthy load of cash on the one-time abode of Truman Capote.

Capote's perhaps best known as the writer of the legendary true-crime non-fiction book In Cold Blood. Given the gritty bent of Rockstar's hit games, it's probably safe to say that Houser's read—and probably reveres—In Cold Blood. It's a nice bit of thematic coincidence that also signal how digital mediums are supplanting older ones, if you want it to mean all of that. The Observer reports that the historic home was purchased for $12.5 million, more than any other home in Brooklyn has ever sold for.


So, if you're wondering just where the money you've spent on releases like Red Dead Redemption, DLC packs and online passes is going, then head on over to The Observer's photo gallery.

[photo courtesy of The New York Public Library]

A Rockstar Record! Grand Theft Auto Creator Dan Houser Buys Truman Capote Mansion for $12.5 M. [The New York Observer]