The Kotaku readers have spoken. Or, er, drawn? Gathered in the gallery above are your best Draw Something artworks. (Don't forget to click expand to see the drawings in their full glory!)

Two days ago I asked you guys to submit your best Draw Something drawings to compete with some of the best that developers OMGPOP posted on their Facebook page. You did not disappoint.

But the crown jewel of the bunch goes to Kotaku reader Fobwashed for his amazingly detailed and accurate drawings of some of pop culture's best characters. Frodo is ridiculously meticulous, but my favorite has to be the Walking Dead zombie.

Some of Fobwashed's bests are included above, as well as submissions from other readers. Take a look and be prepared to get impressed. Not everyone will be able to reproduce these awesome drawings, but you should take heed to ensure you've got the basic tips down.

Fobwashed draws Frodo.

Fobwashed draws a wizard with a reference to The Lord of the Rings.

Fobwashed draws a robot with a reference to the Terminator.

Fobwashed draws the Titanic.

Donka draws Bowser.

Crazylegsmurphy draws a very happy chef.

Moesh draws Ironman.

monnaro13 draws a Porsche.

Moesh goes through the trouble of drawing Ryu just for the headband.

monnaro13 draws Skrillex.

Moesh draws what looks to be a very short Darth Vader.