What's 60 percent space age adventure, 20 percent cuteness, and 20 percent some sort of photo matching game? Why, it's the Week in Gaming Apps, with graphics enhanced for your brain's retina display.

We had a definite science fiction theme running with this week's Gaming Apps of the Day. Waking Mars saw us journey into the depths of the red planet; Incoboto tasked us with re-igniting an entire galaxy of stars; and Flight Control Rocket gave us hope that no matter where the future takes humanity—whatever great and wonderful things we achieve—there'll always be thankless, high-stress air traffic controller jobs.

And then we featured a match game you play with your own hipster-fied photos, which I guess is sort of futuristic if you close your eyes and picture something else entirely.

Hey, how about those sexy new badges?

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Is This Instagram App an InstaMatch?

I am obsessed with Instagram. I think it's the most wonderful thing. Ever. It's not, I know, but I am finding myself spending significant amounts of time on it. So when I heard there was an app that incorporated Instagram, I got all excited. More »

Incoboto is the Best Place to Be When the Sun Goes Out

The Corporation killed the entire galaxy. One-by-one the suns flickered and died, and without light or heat, so did every living thing in the galaxy, except for one small boy. And one small sun. More »

This Game is About Gardening On Mars. It's Way Cooler Than It Sounds

Planting a garden is an exercise in resource management. What goes where? How much room will everything take? Which plant needs how much water? It's a constantly evolving puzzle that plays out over long periods of time. Speed things up a bit, and you're starting to have the makings of a really engaging game. Now put the garden on Mars. Good! Now we're getting somewhere. More »

Fight Soot With Cuteness in Pebble Universe

I'm a sucker for cute games. The sounds, the characters, the music, the art. But a cute game coupled with thoughtful gameplay? We have a winner, folks. More »

Flight Control Rocket Blows Up on the Pad

Flight Control was such a simple, enjoyable, universally acclaimed mobile game, it compelled the boss-and I don't mean Totilo, I mean the boss-to write a review of it two years ago. He came back from his safari in the messy backcountry of video game criticism with a nice trophy, too. Me, however, I get to deal with the sequel, a gobbed-up, what-the-hell, coin-operated unhappy meal slid across the fast-food counter of the iTunes App Store. More »