We've looked at models, costume builders and photographers so far in our tour around the best in the world of cosplay, so today I thought we'd look at someone else.

Someone like Harrison Krix. Who builds replica props and weapons. After all, cosplay without weapons and props can often be just a fancy dress party.


Krix, who works under the name Volpin Props, has had his work featured a few times before on Kotaku, and for good reason: much of his work, even at high resolution, looks as good as the real thing. If, you know. The weapons and props he was basing them on actually were real.

Some Volpin pieces recently hit the big time, being featured in EA's big-budget live-action commercial for Mass Effect 3 (specifically, the Commander Shepard at the end).

In the gallery above, you'll see examples of some of his best work, across series like Fallout, Portal, Mass Effect, Warhammer and Team Fortress 2.

To see way more, head to Volpin's site, or Krix's Flickr gallery.

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