A crew of dedicated Game of Thrones fans has set out to re-create their own Minecraft version of the series' detailed fantasy world.

Project lead Jacob Granberry sent over a whole bunch of awesome pictures from the re-creation, although he says some are outdated. Their Minecraft server has been invaded and harassed by more than one nasty griefer over the past few months, so some of their work has been destroyed.

Right now the team has reconstructed King's Landing, the capital city of Game of Thrones continent Westeros, and the icy northern Wall, also known as the home of Jon Snow and the Night's Watch. It all might look (sort of) familiar if you've seen the HBO show, which will enter its second season on April 1.

The team consists of six or seven builders, some more hardcore than others. They hope to finish all of Minecraft Westeros within the next few months.

A Server of Fire and Ice