Flashed | TOKYO, JAPAN: Nice bus! (Photo: azixero | GameWatchImpress)

Saluting Japan's Computer Graphics Pioneers

There was a revolution in the 1980s. It started in the military and the space industry, but it didn't use rockets or weapons. Instead, it used computers and floppy disks. More »

The First Great Cosplay of 2012, in Video Form

Earlier this month, Katsucon went down at the National Harbour resort in Marlyand, just outside Washington DC. There was loads of great cosplay, but since I'm in the middle of a "best in cosplay" series on Fancy Pants, haven't been able to get to it in that weekly gallery.
So in its place, here... More »

Justin Bieber is Being Sued Over an iPhone Game Called "Joustin Beaver"

Video game developers RC3 have a harmless little game called Joustin Beaver for sale on the App Store. It's $0.99, and it's turned the teen heartthrob into a beaver. More »

This Might Be the Worst Beatles Cover Ever

 You might know Aki Toyosaki from her voice acting in games like Final Fantasy Type-O. Or maybe you know her from her role as Yui Hirasawa in anime K-On! After this clip, you'll know her as the woman who massacred "Hey Jude". More »

The First 20 Minutes of The Last Story in English

The Last Story, the latest game from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, made its Western debut last Friday when it was released in PAL territories. More »

Buying all of Mass Effect 3's DLC Will Cost You $870

Downloadable content is serious business. Well, with the amount of time and money developers spend on it (and ask for it), you'd think it was. Stuff like Mass Effect 3's DLC, though, is more of a joke.
With various weapons and skins spread across pre-orders, toys and PC accessories, if you wanted... More »

The Creator of Final Fantasy Just Wants to Have Fun

Hironobu Sakaguchi doesn't worry too much about the future, he said in an interview with Eurogamer published today. He worries about the now.
The creator of Final Fantasy, whose latest game The Last Story hit European stores last week and will invade the U.S. More »

Asura's Wrath: The Kotaku Review

Asura is an angry, angry man.
It's right there in the title, really: Asura's Wrath. The game tells the story of one man's rage-fueled superpowers, as he seeks revenge on those who betrayed him, kidnapped his daughter, and left him for dead.
One can't really blame the guy for feeling wrathful. More »

Hawken Team Given $10 Million Because Hawken Looks Awesome

Indie multiplayer shooter Hawken, which stole my heart, stuffed it in a mech then begged me to come get it back, has always attracted attention for how good it looked despite it being the product of a small studio, Adhesive Games.
Note I say small and not poor, because the guys who are working on... More »

Chris Rock Could Have Been in Jak and Daxter

It is the year 2000. Comedian and actor Chris Rock is nearing the height of his powers. Sony's stable of video games, on the other hand, was not. Sure, the PlayStation had been a breakthrough, but the world-devouring juggernaut that was the PlayStation 2 was in its infancy.
So you can maybe... More »

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