Yep. My two sons really, really love LEGO. And I figured that if I'm going to build them something, it should be a LEGO table.

Building stuff is kind of hard in Japan, because most people that live in cities live in apartment buildings. That means, they don't have a garage per se, and need to build things on their balcony.

I have plenty of space to build, so that's not the issue for me. But rather, I don't have all the tools at hand—just very basic ones. I was also surprised when I went to the hardware store (above) at how expensive wood is! Well, compared to stuff at IKEA.

In a rather disappointing turn of events, I might just end up getting a cheap IKEA table and gluing some baseplates to it. Nothing exactly "building a LEGO table"...

If any readers have built a LEGO table, tips and advice would be appreciated!

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