Square Enix is continuing to keep the ball rolling on Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC. Their previous entry brought Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar to the game; the next will bring Sazh.

The downloadable episode, called "Sazh: Heads or Tails?" allows players to take the title character through a story of his own that runs in parallel to the main game. As with previous DLC, when the content is complete, the character can be taken out into the player's party. The update also puts new card games in the Serendipity casino. In a separate DLC entry on the same day, Square Enix will also be adding new costumes for characters Noel and Serah.

The DLC packs all become available on February 28 for both XBox 360 (400 MSP for Sazh's story; 240 for outfits) and PS3 ($4.99 for Sazh; $2.99 for clothes). Click through the gallery for screenshots!