Concentrate All Firepower on that LEGO Star Destroyer | The assembly of an enormous Executor-class Star Destroyer, in LEGO. It's 50 inches long, 3,152 pieces. (via Geeks are Sexy)

Your Guide to the New Kotaku Network

Starting on the evening of February 12, Kotaku will begin to offer scheduled programming. Your listings are at left. What does this mean? More »


This Taco Bell PlayStation Vita Contest Seems A Little Weird

Kotaku has been contacted by several customers who say Taco Bell informed them that they won a PS Vita on January 30, but never followed through. They were told to expect a follow-up by e-mail or snail-mail within 2-3 days to verify that they had won. The follow-up didn't come. More »

The Makers of Rock Band Just Rickroll'd Us All

Today, Harmonix announced that Rick Astley's 1987 pop hit will be coming to Rock Band via next week's Valentine's Day DLC pack. It was the most-requested song in a poll asking gamers which song they'd most like to see in the game More »


Valve: It's 'Probable' That Hackers Obtained Old Steam Transaction Data

Valve CEO Gabe Newell said today in a statement to Steam users that as a result of a hack last November, it is "probable" that hackers have obtained a backup file with information on Steam transactions performed between 2004 and 2008. More »

New Unofficial Call of Duty Elite Slogan is Just an Activision Joke

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg jokingly announced a new slogan for Call of Duty: Elite today: Call of Duty Elite: It's not a douche move. More »


Concept Artist Behind Fallout 3, Skyrim Has Died

The concept artist who created nearly all of the designs in Fallout 3, Adam Adamowicz, passed away earlier this week. A fellow concept artist has outlined Adamowicz's skill and legacy in a touching obituary. More »


Why Won't My Parents Play Video Games With Me?

As I continue to carve out a path for myself as a games writer, looking to turn my lifelong hobby into a self-sustaining career, I am reminded with every new achievement of my childhood, when gaming wasn't only my most passionate endeavor, but the activity that formed a stalwart bond between my father and me. More »


This Konami Building Seems To Be On Fire

Multiple Japanese Twitter users have posted pictures of what appears to be a fire in a Konami office. Twitter user @wataru_hrt has put up this picture of what appears to be smoke coming out of a Konami building in the Roppongi district, where Metal Gear Solid studio Kojima Productions is based. More »


Get Your First Look at Mass Effect's New Female Shepard in Action

In this new trailer for the fast-approaching Mass Effect 3, we get to see a lot of old scenes played out by a very new face. This is your first in-game look at the new default female Commander Shepard, fresh off the public auction block and replacing the old standard model. More »

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