Bones | TOKYO, JAPAN: Anime studio Bones is doing the animated scenes in the upcoming Wright-Layton collaboration. (Photo: 4Gamer)

Everything About This Game Is So Buddhist!

Professional game artist Richmond Lee Chaisiri grew up in a Buddhist household in Thailand, a devout Buddhist nation.
So what's Buddhist about Asura's Wrath?
The Characters, the environments, the ultra violence, the cosmic scope, the super powers, the anime hair...All of it! More »

The Very Best In Cosplay: Eric Ng

When you look at cosplay photos here on Fancy Pants, the cosplayers themselves are only half the project. Sure, with their craftsmanship and modelling they're the focus, but if nobody was around to take their picture, then it'd all be for naught!
So today's instalment of my little celebration of... More »

Let's Take the New Steam Mobile App for a Spin!

With the new Steam mobile app (yes!) currently only available in beta form (no!), many of you probably can't actually access it. Never mind. This video is the next best thing.
This video was also recorded on my shitty old digital camera (my iPhone's lovely HD recording obviously unavailable... More »

Man Turns Office Into Aperture Science Waiting Room

Reader Adam is rightfully very proud of his new Portal-themed room, which doesn't just look like a part of the series' Aperture Science, it acts like it as well.
That Cave Johnson portrait? More »

Should Sony be Worried About the PlayStation Vita? Maybe it Already is.

Despite the fact almost every games writer I've ever spoken with loves the thing, the general public has, so far, not exactly warmed to Sony's latest handheld video games console.
In Japan, sales have been dire. More »

Mod Makes Mass Effect on PC Look Absolutely Incredible

Mods can make Skyrim look better. They can make Grand Theft Auto look better. They can make, well, just about any PC game look better. Including Mass Effect.
A man by the name of JeanLuc761 has made a high-resolution texture pack for Mass Effect 1 & 2 that takes the series' relatively-muddy... More »

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