Bastion, the critically acclaimed action-RPG that's claimed or been nominated for a bathtub full of awards, isn't available on physical media. Not unless you are serving your country in Afghanistan, and your base's Internet service is terribly slow.

"Richard," a fan of the Supergiant game, wrote the developer's customer service address asking if there was any way to get a copy of the game on physical media. He was surprised when, instead of a form response, Bastion writer Greg Kasavin responded himself, and when the two realized downloading the game would take prohibitively long, just up and mailed Richard a copy of the game, plus some Bastion swag. All he asked in return is that Richard acquire a copy of Bastion on Steam when he returns home.


This is the PC version of the game; I'm not sure how this would have worked had Richard been trying to get the Xbox Live version. Still, it's very gracious of Supergiant to recognize a service member in this way, and certainly worth some publicity here.

The Folks at Supergiant Games (Bastion) are AWESOME!! [Reddit]