While the Wii U will finally bring HD gaming to a Nintendo and sports some neat onboard tech, there's one big problem: it has a stupid name.

It really does. Wii U? Bwah? The moniker is bound to cause confusion among customers. Try explaining to your grandmother the difference between a Wii and a Wii U and watch her eyes glaze over. The consoles are distinct enough. Their names, however, are not. Hence, the problem.


So much confusion is already being caused between the DS and 3DS that Nintendo is slapping bold red stickers on the game boxes to differentiate them.

No wonder there are rumors on website CVG that Nintendo is thinking of changing the console's name.

Everyone wants Nintendo to succeed—this is the company that brought us Mario and Zelda. And to do that, a high-powered console with killer games and a memorable name will help Nintendo do just that. But that name...


Nintendo can do better. No, you can do better. Hit up the comments' section with the new Wii U name that you think is best. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will read your suggestion, steal it, and use it to rename their console?

Eh, probably not.

Remember, anything is better than what Nintendo is calling it right now. Anything.

(I kind of wonder why they don't just call it the "Nintendo U", but that's just me.)

(Top photo: Chris Pizzello | AP)