Spotted | NBC News folks were in our offices today for a piece about Gawker Media (our parent company). The reporter said she'd only ever played Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, but I trumped her wacky fact by telling her that there are two Kotaku staffers with Masters in journalism. —Stephen (Image by Gizmodo editor Joe Brown.)

Death Brings Nimble Platforming and Speedy Combat to Darksiders II

In Vigil games' upcoming Darksiders II, players assume the mantle of Death, who is pretty much the only "personified supernatural force" more badass than War, the protagonist of the first game. More »

The Best Video Games, According to Kotaku

People often ask us which games to get for their favorite systems. These are our answers.
The Best Xbox 360 Games | The Best Facebook Games | The Best PS3 Games | The Best PC Games | The Best Wii Games | The Best iPhone Games | The Best iPad Games | The Best Android Games | The Best 3DS Games | The... More »

There Will Be Official Minecraft Lego Sets

The most popular Lego-like video game ever is getting official Legos. We're getting Minecraft Lego sets, people.
Back in December, the people who make Minecraft petitioned LegoCuusoo, an official branch of the Lego company, to make some Minecraft Lego. More »

Hackers Brag That They're Banning Innocent Battlefield 3 Users [UPDATE 2]

The people at the game-hacking site Artificial Aiming can't stand the anti-cheat service Punkbuster. One of their members is going on the offensive today-aggressively.
One junior member says he and his anonymous hacking team are banning innocent Battlefield 3 users-"framing" them, as... More »

What Was the Most Surprisingly Good Game of 2011?

Did you buy, rent, or steal a game last year expecting the worst only to be pleasantly surprised? Commenter DerpiestShazbot wants to know, and you'll tell him in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. More »

Finally a Strong Contender for Best Game Starring Classical Composer Frederic Chopin

For years I've had to deal with those insufferable Eternal Sonata fans boasting about how their game was the only one to star 18th century romantic composer Frederic Chopin as a playable character. More »

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