I've been meaning to post about these for years now, but they keep slipping my mind. Or does my mind sweep them out to preserve its own sanity? Probably the latter.

Shitty peripheral company Kamikaze Gear offers these decals for the Wii and DS that are so awful they flip right back around again and become amazing.


Giant kittens emblazoned across the side of a Wii. A DS turned into a family portrait for horses. Another handheld tarted up to look like one of those shitty "DOGS 2012" calendars you'd get for $1 come January 1. And a Wii that now looks just like the favourite t-shirt of a large American lady who drives a car with "MAGIC HAPPENS" stickers on the back.

Sadly the vast majority of these skins, of which there have been dozens released over the year, are now out of print. You can still snag a few at Play-Asia if you feel like you could spare the $2-3 most of them cost. And the shame.

Kamikaze Modding Skins [Play-Asia, thanks Rawmeat!]