Epic Games makes macho games that feature manly men. Gears of War, for example. But they're also making Fortnite, a game their lead game designer, Cliff Bleszinski, tells G4 should help the studio's shed the developer's "dudebro" image just a bit.

But what's it like?

"Lots of games say they're about survival but they're more about going out and killing creatures," Bleszinski told the gaming channel. "This game is truly about enduring."

Daylight hours in the game are for scavenging. "Encumbrance is actually a big factor. You can go out there and start harvesting and harvesting but when you realize your backpack is three times as big as it needs to be, you'll need to shed some pounds real quick to get back to base."

You'll skitter back to home base, nervously eyeing the sun's inevitable descent. Day or night, class-based mechanics will push some players to man the wrench, others the parapets. When it comes to construction, you'll be building "prefab sections of walls, as well as traps and things like that in order to build up your structure...Once you really get used to this kind of lego-like structure, anything's possible."

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