China is infamous for its knock-offs. Some are so well-made, it's impossible to tell them from the original. And sometimes they are even made at the same factories!

As good as China's knock-offs are, nothing beats their clever names. There was the iPed, the Yinlips YDPG18 (okay, not so clever) and now, there is iPnoho6!

There are numerous more knock-offs with equally clever, or not so clever, names.

But, wait. This is not an iPhone6 rip-off. It can't be, because the iPhone6 is not on sale and the world is still waiting for the iPhone5.


This is a geniune iPnoho6. And I want one. Wonder if the fake Apple Store is going to carry it.

Á≥ĖÁ≥Ė [Weibo via RocketNews]