Huh-Huh ... You Said ... 'Bust' | Lifelike busts of 1990s entertainment icons Beavis and Butt-Head. Seen via Geeokologie.

Jailed Megaupload King is Still the World No. 1 in Modern Warfare 3

Kim Dotcom is the Internet playboy who made his zillions by founding the now-defunct (and Anonymous cause celebre du jour) Megaupload, and also from the blatant hosting of pirated content there. But he also led a secret life, did you know? He is the deadliest shooter in all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Really. More »

EA Lawsuit Doesn't Mean Madden's Exclusive is a License to be Killed

Electronic Arts is suing the maker of a military helicopter, plainly hoping to establish a precedent that expands creative freedom for all video game developers. But if EA's notorious for anything involving licenses, it's the ones it holds that prevent others from building similar games. So is EA going to kill its own golden goose, which makes Madden the sole NFL football game, and Need for Speed the only place where you'll find Porsche? More »

Mass Effect Figures Will Set a Record for Most Expensive DLC

The four series of Mass Effect 3 figurines being offered by Big Fish games (announced back in December) are certainly nice enough collector's items. They will also come with a card (one per figure) promising "access to downloadable in-game content." One figurine is $17.99; a set of four is $67.99. All four series, then, would cost $271.96, or about 32,000 Microsoft points. Ouch. More »

Coming Full Circle, Former Candidate Herman Cain Now Sings the Pokémon Song

Defeated presidential hopeful Herman Cain, who admitted to GQ that he committed to memory the lyrics of the title theme to Pokémon: The Movie (even if he didn't know that's what it was at the time) finally dropped the gloves and sang said song, on a dais in front of a gospel choir, during South Carolina's primary election Saturday. More »

Anonymous Deletes CBS, Universal Sites; is Xbox Live Next?

Anonymous continues to lash out following the seizure of Megaupload and the jailing of its founder, having momentarily deleted both and Xbox Live has been threatened, but is that credible? More »

Onion Ring Confirms Half Life 3

Discovered in today's lunch by Reddit user ScubaBuddha. No comment yet from Valve. More »

Resident Evil 6 to Feature Six-Player Co-Op?

With Resident Evil 6 confirmed, has tossed up a product listing. Among the details we haven't yet heard: the game will feature six-player online co-operative play. More »

Here's the Voice of Mass Effect 3's Newest Character

Mass Effect 3 will introduce James Vega, a new character whose journey through the story is included to help newcomers understand the trilogy. The voice actor for Vega is this man, Fred from Scooby Doo. Zoinks! More »

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