Sony's PlayView tech is bringing truly high def imagining to the PlayStation 3. As with most new applications, somebody's figured out that one way to show off this new tech is not necessarily only with Monster Hunter strategy guides, but also with photos of, yes, pretty ladies.

How high def is high def? Try resolutions at 4K, enabling PS3 owners the ability to zoom in and look at, I dunno, pores?


The Pulp Series's "SoSexy" line of HD digital mags are available on the Japanese PlayStation Network. These are pin-up magazines and don't show any explicit nudity.

Models include Yoko Kumada, Sayaka Isoyama, and Anna Tsuchiya, who is quite famous in Japan, perhaps explaining why her digital mag costs ¥2,500 ($33) and the other mags cost ¥2,100 ($27).

More photos from sister site Kotaku Japan in the link below. Sadly, now of them are 4K!

4K解像度でセクシーを追求! [Kotaku Japan]