Feb 20, 2012 Update: It's not entirely clear how recent dips in sale expectations will impact Nvidia's future market, but the company cites an issue of a lack of disc drives due to a flood in Thailand. Sales of the Tegra chips have fallen an uncomfortable 42% while the company struggles with slow growth, but the upcoming Tegra 3 still holds promise.

Why He's Powerful

Someday Intel's gonna be in trouble. And Jen-Hsun Huang's Nvidia might be the rascals giving it to them.


Nvidia doesn't just make discrete graphics cards for PC gaming powernerds (although they're still taking AMD and Intel to school on a regular basis). Their "Tegra" line of mobile chips are in millions of phones and tablets. That makes Nvidia incredibly well-placed for the future, with a thriving desktop and laptop business as a partner to Intel—and a mobile business that's aiming right where Intel should already have been.

Plus he's from Oregon. Oregonians are crafty.