Sumioni: Demon Arts wowed our own Brian Ashcraft at last year's Tokyo Game Show, so much so that he declared it the prettiest thing going on Sony's new handheld. While it seemed likely that the Acquire-developed game would head westward, things were still up in the air even after Sony announced the launch line-up for PlayStation Vita in non-Japan territories.

Thankfully, Sony's confirmed that the action/drawing hybrid will be available during the Vita's launch window. Yes, watching the trailer above remind you a bit of Okami but there's a bit of a harder edge to Sumioni, I think.


The Vita boasts some shiny and intriguing titles, but I don't think you could call any of them arty. Maybe Gravity Rush or Escape Plan, but they share the glossy aesthetic of most video games. Sumioni: Demon Arts should change that a bit and offer some intriguing gameplay with its touch drawing to boot.

Sumioni: Demon Arts for PS Vita: Classic Japanese Art, Modern Platforming Action [PlayStation Blog]